Idaho's Premiere Driving School

A comprehensive defensive driving program that prepares students for driving in the real world.

Terms & Conditions

Passing the class: Students are required to complete 30 hours of classroom instruction. This can be completed in a traditional classroom setting or through any state approved online driver’s education course. Students must complete the entire course and receive at least an 80% to receive their permit. Students will be graded on Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. If a student does not earn 80% of available points they will be required to take driver’s education again.

Tardiness and Missed classes: Students must arrive on time to class every day. If you know you will be late or need to miss a class you must let us know in advance. If you will be more than 5 minutes late to any class you must contact us to advise us and make arrangements to make up the time. If a class is missed without notice or you are tardy excessively you will be dropped from class. Missed time will be made up during our next available session and will delay your permit.

Pick up and drop offs: Students should not be dropped off more than 10 minutes before class should have a ride waiting for them when the class or drive is over. We cannot be responsible for students before or after scheduled times.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction and Observation: Each student is required to complete at least 6 hours behind the wheel and at least 6 hours of observation and will be issued a clip board containing a driving log and an in-car observation work sheet. We will use these forms to keep track of their progress. Parents and students should review the log together after each drive. Each drive consists of Behind-the-wheel instruction and observation time.

All students are required to meet the instructor at the location where their classroom sessions are held unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Students must wear close toed shoes during driving lessons. Flip flops or similar footwear is not permitted for safety reasons.

Students must remain awake and alert during observation times. Sleeping, reading, doing homework or, use of cell phones or similar devices is not permitted during observation time. Cell phones are welcome but must be turned off during the drive.

If a student is having difficulty behind the wheel we will contact you as soon as it becomes evident. It may be necessary to adjust their schedule or have a parent ride along. If a student is under prescription medication or has any physical or mental impairment that could affect their driving ability, please notify us privately so that we may make necessary accommodations. Failure to disclose any information that may affect the safety or wellbeing of our instructors or other students will result a dismissal from class and in-car instruction.

Students must arrive on time with their clip board and appropriate footwear or the drive will be rescheduled. A $25.00 fee will apply for no-shows or cancelations received with less than 24 hours’ notice. All fees must be paid before the student receives his/her permit.

Cancellation of driving lessons: Due to weather conditions, vehicle problems, or other emergencies it may be necessary for us to cancel driving lessons. Be assured that the canceled lesson will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO DRIVE ANY PRIVATE MOTOR VEHICLE (CYCLES OR CARS) ON PUBLIC STREETS OR ROADS DURING THE DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE. We are required by law to immediately drop from the course and fail any student we observe driving without a valid Idaho Driver’s License.

Conduct: Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately. A student can be removed for any behavior deemed inappropriate by the instructor. This includes cheating, inappropriate language, signs or gestures, vandalism, texting during class or behind the wheel instruction etc.

Refunds: If a student is unable to complete the course due to illness they may reschedule for the next available session. If a student is removed for any other reason refunds will not be given.

Damage to Property If a student is involved in an accident during the course and is determined to be their fault; you will be responsible for damages up to $500.00.