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Driver Education

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We understand student schedules can be hectic.  If a student needs to miss a class for a game, concert or family activity please let us know and we will do our best to schedule a make-up class.

Drive times may be extended beyond 
the last 
day of class to accommodate student's hectic schedules.  The first 12 students enrolled will complete the entire class during the dates listed.

Drive times are coordinated by the student and driver the first week of class.   



Our last class and Parent Meeting will be held at Fast Lane Indoor Kart Racing. Racing is Optional.

It is not legal to drive on public roads without your permit. You can simulate acceleration, braking and turning at Fast Lane! Closest to the real thing.

Tell them Idaho Driving School sent you. 

Space is limited!

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 Online Sessions 
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Behind the wheel seats are limited during the summer months. Register and begin online anytime, register early if you would like to complete your driving before the end of summer. 
Summer Sessions
10 day classes 
Class Size 30 Class Details
Jul 20 - Jul 30, 2015 pm - Full 
Waiting list Closed 
Aug 10- Aug 20, 2015 am - Full
Waiting List Closed
Aug 10 - Aug 20, 2015 pm  - Full
Waiting List Closed

School Year Sessions
Class Size 30 Class Details

Oct 1 - Oct 27, 2015  - Full  

*Nov 5 - Dec 8, 2015 - 9 Seats Available
Winter Break Session 
Class Size 24 Class Details
*Dec 21 - Jan 12, 2016 -  7 Seats Available 
2016 School Year Sessions 
Class Size 24 Class Details
Jan 21 - Feb 16, 2016 19 Seats Available
Feb 18 - Mar 15, 2016 24 Seats Available 
Spring Break Session  
Class Size 24 Class Details
*Mar 21 - Apr 5, 2016 21 Seats Available
Apr 14, - May 10, 2016 24 Seats Available  

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