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How old do I have to be to take for driver's ed?
You need to be 14½ on the first day of class. You can register at any time to reserve your seat.

Is 14½ too young for drivers ed?
For some, 17 is too young. However, the longer you drive with them before they leave home
the better prepared they will be for the real world.
Permits are good until you are 18 and most insurance companies don't charge until you get your license. So students drive for free until they get their license.       
How do I register for a class?
Go to our registration page and complete our online
registration. You can pay online, mail a check, or pay cash in our office.  

How do I know I am confirmed in the class?
You will receive an Email confirmation as soon as
payment is received. 

Where do I get a copy of the Idaho Driver's Manual?
Click Idaho Driver's Manual or pick one up at any DMV.  You can also get an audio
version by clicking here.  You can listen to the audio version online or download it to your phone. 

Where do I apply for a driving permit?
Your county driver's license office is the go-to place for Idaho driver's licenses andinstruction permits.  
Click here for a map or call for more information. Driver Services: (208) 334-8735

What do I need to apply for a driving permit?
  • Social Security card
  • Certified copy of your original birth certificate
  • Photo Identification such as a student ID card
  • Proof of school enrollment (Students can request this from their school)
  • Someone to sign as your liability signer
  • The cost for a driving permit is $21.50
For more information on obtaining your permit, please contact the DMV at 208-577-3100 or click here.
Getting Your License
Step 1: Register for your driver training class online now    
Step 2: Get Your Driver Training Permit
Step 3: Take Driver Training
Step 4: Practice! (Since June 30, 2007 all permit-holders
must obtain no less than six months and 50 hours of
supervised driving time. (10 of these hour must be 
during the night)
Step 5: Pass Your Tests*

*After six months, it's time to take the written knowledge and skills tests.
Make an appointment with a 
skills tester. The written knowledge test is $6.00 and the road
skills test is $17.50. 
Note: If you fail either test, you can take them again after three days. You'll have to pay the test fees again.