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Idaho's Premier Driving School
 We have programs that will fit your needs whatever your situation!

Live Classes

This class is designed for student's ages 14 1/2 to 18. We use all the latest technology in our classroom and in our cars to ensure that students have a fun, safe and positive learning experience.

At Idaho Driving School we don't cut corners.

Each student is required to spend 30 hours in the classroom, 6 hours behind the wheel and 6 hours observing.



Take your classroom online at your convenience!

This online class is fully interactive, with engaging activities and the latest techniques for safe driving.

Includes Behind-the-Wheel instruction in our premium Vehicles!


Get the Best Value for your Money!

Now Students all over the Treasure Valley will be excited to take Driver's Ed.  At Idaho Driving School we dont take short cuts and we don't just teach the Basics.  We went the extra mile to create a program that students will remember the rest of their lives. 

At Idaho Driving School you will have the opportunity to drive a variety of vehicles, stick shift or automatic.  Drive a Mustang, Camero, Hummer H3 and our new VW Beetle, all at a price not much more than any other private school. We believe driving several different vehicles in the learning process better prepares new drivers to get behind the wheel in their own car.  We teach students what they need to know to be safe behind the wheel.  

Check out our Classroom and Vehicles!  You'll find we offer the best experience and value in the Treasure Valley.


At Idaho Driving School we understand students have hectic schedules and we can accommodate any schedule. If you need to miss a class for a sporting event, concert or family activity, let us know and they can attend a make up class. Nobody is more flexible!



Students will learn what they need to know to become safe drivers in a fun and relaxing atmosphere!
Our program exceeds Idaho requirements and takes place in just 8 easy classes, That is less than any other school!  

At Idaho Driving School all of our cars are equiped the most advanced instructor controls.  W

hen you consider the quality of training, the upgraded vehicles, and flexibility, you'll find that we offer the best value for your money!


















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